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Welcome to the board! You'll have a lot of fun with your Square-Eyes, and take a little friendly ribbing from us Round-Eyes.

No telling where your Jeep is in the lineup. It all depends on which line you want to get in. You didn't say what engine, transmission and axels it has - that's what's most interesting to us because they determine how it works off road.

There were adjustments to the stock driver's seat, but not the passenger seat. It's hard to say what it might take to get adjusters back in. Some pictures might help. You'll have to find some stock seat hardware or build something out of junkyard pieces.

Those stock wagon wheels have gotten a might rare lately. Your Jeep should have a 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern, so there are lots of choices. You can watch E-Bay, with the usual cautions, but the best thing would be to put a "wanted" post in the for-sale thread, and then be patient. You can also see if there is a Jeep club around you. Those kind of parts often go between Jeepers without ever showing up in classifieds.

There's no one best place for parts. Look at the sponsors of this board, check JC Whitney, compare prices and post questions here about specific parts.

As to the gas pedal sticking, there are several possible causes. Check the linkage at the carb, check the cable, and also check the knob on the end of the cable at the gas pedal. It can sometimes get cocked in the socket and cause a catch.

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