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Originally Posted by barrelroll View Post
10 bolt knuckles, because I have acess to them

Knuckle over steering because high steer causes crossmember clearance issues on EB's.
I have this problem on my as well, my track bar mount is right in the way.

I was thinking complete offroad's super joints, i'm pretty sure they are yukons just not advertised as yukons.

A friend is running a set of prototype yukons, and they have survived 3 axles snapping and still look perfect.

Good to know about the warns not holding up.

Warns are holding up well, the yukons are not.

The one guy I know with an arb always had issues with it though I think his air line routing left something to be desired. Have you had experiance with the detroit e-locker? I want a selectable, i've gotten too bored with an open front.
why do you need a selectable on a trail only rig?
I have had a few issues with the ARB, the relay for the pump quit, so now I carry a spare, the seals inside wear out when you get the gear lube dirty, but thats my fault...little things like that. the nice thing about the ARB is that you can get parts for them really easy right from ARB, and they are cheap. break even a small part in a detroit and you are out the entire cost of the locker. That said, we have 3-4 broken ARB's laying around right now too. anything will eventually break if you wheel it enough, but I finally broke my 6 year old rear ARB a couple months ago by snapping 2 chromoly d-44 shafts. the second one took out the ARB cross pin and seal housing. the parts were about $150 to completely rebuild the entire locker.

Very few people around here push their junk super hard/ wheel big rocks so it's hard to know what works and what does

I'm tired of breaking. i just want to wheel, so even thought the jeep is getting tougher, I'm pushing it less than I used to.

It's not what you have. It's what you do with what you have
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