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Re: TH350 or Th400 ??? in my CJ-7

<font color=purple> Every shop in my area will say exactly what I said. In cases where you'd have to do a full-power downshift into 1st, don't use a TH400 UNLESS you convert it to TH475. Granted, that's limited application, but it certainly applies in the 4x4 world. I have two friends running similar 700-plus HP big-blocks in competition mud bogging. The TH400 goes back for repairs at least once a season - the TH350 has been in there since '95 untouched. We only have two guys I can think of off the top of my head who run deep mud with a TH400, but lots of guys who USED to run one. Granted, what I say may not have anything to do with what the guy who threw up the original post has planned. But, I did qualify my response by saying where the TH400's Achille's heel is. I ran a TH400 in my hot street truck, but a TH350 in my mud racer. </font color=purple>


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