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Hmm....wiping the dust off

Well its been three years. Im wiping the dust off my rigs and prepping them for battle. But before i do, just a few questions pertaining to the New England area.
Is wheeling legal here anymore? Ive heard that everything is shut down.
Do people still get together and bang wrenches on rigs during mid week or is that all weekend stuff?
Whom should i contact (homebrew dealer im hoping) for a bolt on adaption kit for a toy axle to a sammi with yj springs. I would like to give my money to the smaller shops, no offense to rocky road or calmini if possible.

Its been some time, but i thought id come here first to touch base. My wife is driving me crazy to crawl back under the rigs and get them ready...she wants to drive.

Thanks for any and all feedback. Max
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