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Since i am doing this in my free time and i am not at work i don't have to make my answer sound nice. I will give the real answer and the real solution to any problem. Most solutions will void your warranty but if you are looking at the a Baja ATV you are looking at the price tag not the warranty card. If you ask you will get an answer.

I have 2 Wilderness 90's I bought in December. I have the rev limiter unpluged on both. On one of the 90's, and this has just started to happen, when you are riding, say 15 or 20 mph, holding the speed steady it starts losing power to the transmission. You can hear the engine start reving up and start losing speed. If you give it gas it will pick back up. Its like the transmission starts slipping. The other 90 does not do this, it holds a stedy speed just fine.
I have it in the shop now at American outdoor Power here in Tucson. And they say they can't find anything wrong. I'm hopeing you could help.
Thanks in advance
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