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Re: TH350 or Th400 ??? in my CJ-7

The TH-400 is definately the HD choice, however; GM always mated TH-350's to small blocks and reserved the big blocks for TH-400's. Jeep happened to choose the TH-400 for various models and years for the extra beef. The 205 xfer is like the TH-400, bullet proof. It's drawback is the puny low range of 1.96:1. The 203 is no better at 2.01:1. With the choices you've listed, I'd go with the 400/205 combo if you can afford the adaptor to mate the two. If not then the 350/205 would be the next choice. Don't go with a small convertor, or the additional heat in the fluid will shorten the life expectancy of the tranny. By the way, the TH-700R4 is comparible to a 4 speed TH-350, not as heavy duty as a TH-400. Where the 700R4 really shines, besides the 30% overdrive, is the lower 1st & 2nd gears compared to both the 350 & 400 trannies.

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