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Re: Considering buying a H3 any recommendations?

when i first heard of the H3, i was very happy to hear GM was taking a crack at a small but capable off roader. they did meet one criteria, small.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ha.. it would seem that all the off road magazine editors who have tested the H3, would not agree with you. All of them that have tested the H3 mentioned it was very capable in stock form. But, then again you have not even been in one, so I guess you're just basing your info off of .... what ... a guess?

I'm not a big Hummer fan myself. In fact I really didn't want to get one when my wife first mentioned that she wanted an H3. But after checking it out etc, I'd have to say it's far more capable in stock form than anything GM has put out before. Yeah, there are many things they could have done better. I'm sure I could come up with a huge list for any make of vehicle that could be improved. But, unfortuntly, I don't work for the corperations that are producing our current fleets of 4wd's.

But, I have at least sent a message to them, with my purchase, that says there some of us out here who want trail capable daily drivers.. and not low riders with transfer cases. The better the sales, in that market, the more future selections we'll all have across the board.

You're welcome.
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