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Re: Considering buying a H3 any recommendations?

I've had the H3 in deep water & mud without issue. I've also had my 97 K1500 in water up the the headlights without issue. I'm still on my stock actuator, so I won't say that mouses experiences are not legit, but they're not the norm either. I go to a hummer board here and there and several there have wheeled their H3's fairly hard, and I've heard of no electrical issues when crossing streams. The H3 is fulltime 4wd, and not all wheel drive.

Like you I think of the H3 as being a new fangled cherokee. In my opinion, it's about as close as you'll get to them since they're no longer in production.

Good luck on the 4 door rubi. My buddy is adie hard Jeep lover who owns a rubi and he said he would'nt buy a 4 door due to some problems. I didn't get the specifics.
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