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Re: Considering buying a H3 any recommendations?

Well that is a start, some good and some bad about this Rig, thanks guys!

I like the smaller more agile look of the H3 it's more like a older Jeep Cherokee in my eyes.

I was concerned about the Tech info I recently read about fording in these rigs.

Electrical problems about I see it was true as was posted.

It's not like I plan to take my Hummer 3 and live in a lake or river, but dang straight that if the 4x4 goes that is not the place you want to loose it.

And from what I read it is what out a doubt the place many H3 owners have been loosing their 4x4 in the water.

Think I will wait until that issue is resolved before I by a H3.

The New Rubicon 4 door is starting to look all the better again to me.

You can flood a Jeep and it won't breakdown on you...LOL

Thanks Guys.

Bleddyn and Nate
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