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Re: Considering buying a H3 any recommendations?

We like the H3 we got for my wife. Far more wheelable (in stock form) than anything else GM is putting out right now. The 4:1 t-case is great, especially with the 4.56 gears. I'm sure the standard is really sweet with the extra low grunt, but my wife is done with her 'standard tranny days'. I can't compare it to a Liberty, since I have not owned or driven one. I will say it's much more capable than our 94 Jeep GC was. The rear locker is nice, but I don't like the "low range only" factor. But in low, it does perform without issue. The suspension is somewhat stiff, but it seems to work fine that way... like it was designed around it. Like most IFS, it's flexier in the back, than in the front. Firm, but not harsh ride, on the street. I've gotten great mileage in ours. Way better than our 01 4wd Tahoe ever even thought about getting. The engine power is somewhat lacking.. but not as bad as the wrap it's gottne. Granted it's no racer, but it will get you on the freeway etc. I would prefer a diesel option, or a v6. I know lots of folks would like to see a V8 in them, but I'd rather give up some extra power for some respectable mpg.

This Hummer owner isn't afraid to wheel it. In fact I wheeled ours pretty hard with the paper plates still on it. We've had it since July, and we're very happy with it. If aliens abducted it tonight.. we'd still go out and buy another one. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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