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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

OK now a real world list "not normal/ previsouly mentioned" thing's of what's in my rig/ should be in my rig. I'm hoping to get my spares together this winter, a lot will go in organized "tackle boxes" then in my tool box/ amo cans in the buggy. I have stuff I keep in the rig, if it's big/ bulky/ heavy/ not usually used I leave it at the tow rig, hopefully i'll get organized and put them in a big box that goes in and out. Then there's some stuff I put in the truck Deif i'm going some where like the badlands where I could still fix my rig and get some wheeling in, if i'm local or pretty close to home (within 2-3 hours) i'll just drag my junk home and fix it there.

In the rig parts wise
U-joints for drive shafts and axle
U-joint straps/ bolts/ u-bolts
Banjo bolts/ copper washers
compression fittings for every size line on rig
brake line plugs the right size
Tube nuts
fuel/ oil filters
hose clamps
small lenghts of rubber hose with about 3" sections of hard line for splices in rubber lines
Engine Sensors (coolant temp, map, IAC, knock, spark module)plugs for said engine sensors
Longest plug wire
a couple spark plugs
JB Weld
Zip ties, multiple sizes
electrical tape
electrical wire
bailing wire
Stub shaft
Lockout hub parts
Good selection of bolts, some metric for the metric things on my rig, remeber things like shackle bolts
welding rod
Fuel pump
sping shackle

In the truck, in the "wheeling box"
Drive shafts
Axle Shafts front and rear
9" center sections w/ gears ready to go
Power steering pump
AC delete pully
Radiator/ hoses
Clutch slave/ master
Brake master/ booster
Hub assembly/ bearings/ spindle/ rotor
Steering box with proper pitman arm
Axle yokes

Long term trip stuff when i'm far from home and could put parts in to save my trip
Leaf springs

Tools people forget in their rigs
Hub socket for your rig
Dentist picks
Drain plug sockets
torx bits if you use em
wierd rig specfic tools

Nice to have at the truck
Power steering pully puller
double flare kit
grease gun

All the in rig stuff is pretty small/ light and fits in a couple amo cans. Finding trail spares takes some resourcefulness, they don't have to be brand new by any means. Things like u-joints can be the ones you've pulled out doing "preventative maintaince," axle shafts can be the ones with semi tiwsted splines or mildy egged yokes, the list goes on and on, pretty much spares need to be just enough to get you home.
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