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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

Don't have a jeep right now.

Tow rig

old micky d's rappers
usually a dog treat that fell behind the seat
random junk that should go to the scrap yard
a couple traier tie downs
a jack that doesn't really lift the truck
a 4 way that might be the right size
maybe a bungi cord
Empty beer cans
empty packs of smokes
the occasional spitter/ empty girz can (i don't chew, just buddies)
maybe a 1/2 eatin bag of candy
shovel with a broken handle that still works in a pinch
what ever junk is left in the box from a weekend of wheeling

Trail Rig
Tool box with a constiently changing contents
usually a multimeter
just bought a $4.99 socket set for it, if it makes it in the buggy that's another story
vice grips, bfh, and pry bar if i remember
tow strap if some one didn't steel it out of the rig
crate with some fluids, depends on what i used and if i remembered to restock it
random spare parts roaming around tool box, maybe zip ties, duct tape, jb weld, and bailing wire
fire extingsher if some one didn't steel/ use it
I think there's a bottle jack, belt, and some u-joints in an amo can

Am i the only one that wheels so much they can't remember what got used when and if it got re-stocked or lost/ borrowed in the woods

I had $100 worth of dedicated junk trail tools but that tool box fell out the back of the rig and hasn't gotten replaced yet.

I used to be "super prepared" but i started giving away almost the $$ I had into gas each run i gave in stuff to the unprepared, one day again i'll have dedicated trail tools and a good rig specfic spare set
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