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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

Here's what I carried in the Jeep in during the Northern Wisconsin winters (Since moving to Washington State... I've trimmed back a bit...):<ul type="square">[*]Normal Hand tools and parts kit.[*]DVM.[*]Chemicals (ATF, Motor Oil, Coolant, etc.)[*]Tape, Duct and Electrician's.[*]Two sleeping bags.[*]Space Blankets.[*]Chemical hand warmers.[*]Flare gun (Pen size).[*]AR-7 Survival rifle w/100 rounds of ammunition.[*]CB.[*]2-Meter Hand held HAM radio.[*]LED flashlight w/spare batteries.[*]Propane Camping stove w/3 bottles of propane.[*]Dried Food for 5 days.[*]Water purifier.[*]Candles for 5 days.[*]Three Bic Lighters.[*]Candy, lots of candy and Beef Jerky![*]Four rolls of toilet SOFT paper.[*]Multiple sizes of zip lock bags.[*]Mess kit.[*]Camping Knife, Fork, Spoon, and collapsible drink cup.[*]Canteen.[*]Road Flares.[*]One box of 36 gal garbage bags (good quality).[*]Hunting knife, Lock back w/serrated blade.[*]Folding shovel.[*]HAM repeater frequencies book.[*]Manual for the Jeep.[*]Manual for the HAM radio.[*]Maps of the general area in which I'd travel.[*]Light reading material.[*]10 cans of my favorite condensed soups.[*]25 hot chocolate packets.[*]Folding saw, fencing hammer, 16 penny nails[*]1/4" poly rope, 100'.[*]10'X8' tarp.[*]Air mattress.[*]WELL stocked First Aid Kit.[*]In the winter I used to stock frozen food in the kit... which always stayed frozen.[/list]
Most of this would fit in a Tupperware lock box...I duplicated the list and kept one in each vehicle.

I'd also modify the list depending on how many kids I had in the vehicle with me, more food, more sleeping bags, etc.

Rotation of the food is important. Each year about the 2nd week of April my family and I would bring in all the food, candy, etc. and have a "Survivor's" banquet. The kid had fun and this way the stock was always rotated. It's nice to have fresher foods in this kit

I haven't listed the vehicle parts spares kit... but that's a must if you're going to drive that vehicle home. List the single points or failure for your vehicle and prepare for them to fail...
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