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Re: what do you carry in you jeep?

jumper cables
set of metric and inch combo wrenches
small socket set
random other small tools
blanket and tarp
some trash bags
bottles of water
if I'm going on a trip I'll have a all band ham radio with me.
cell phone goes with me...not the jeep in particular

for storage i have a few ideas i havent done.....on the jeep i wanted to attach some pieces of 4" PVC pipe with the threaded cleaning caps, vertically along the inside of the tailgate. would store tools and straps and keep them all nice and dry and secure so they dont fall on your head in a roll. secure the pvc to the tailgate with unistrut-type channel

other idea also uses unistrut type stuff....two parallel rails in the bed used as a anchor point for a big rubber maid tub that can slide in and out of the bed
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