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Re: Reaction 150cc ID#LJU13


If you had the wiring diagram for our go-kart, you could possibly use a 12V tester and "test away". Test where 12V is suppose to be going into and out of the ignition key unit. Without a wiring diagram, it would be "guessing". And if you ground out the wrong part (to test for current), it might actually create more damage.

If you can, do try to get a wiring diagram. Sometimes, it could be dirt / crud in the switch. Other times, it could be a broken switch (its internals) or it could even be a broken / loose wiring somewhere else on the machine. With this in mind, do double check all fuses / connections on the rest of the go-kark. Without a wiring diagram, it would be a guessing game.

Hope this helps - some how...

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