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Re: Battery Charger

The charger should have a circuit the makes sure you hook it up correctly - + to + etc.
If the battery is totally discharged, there's nothing for that circuit to read so the charger won't do anything. "Activate" is to get it started charging. Once it's got enough voltage in it to read, switch it to Auto.
Auto monitors the output voltage and shuts it off when it's charged - there may be a light to indicate that.

Manual means "charge it anyway."

Deep cycle batteries should be charged a little different. Deep Cycle means it will have "cool off" periods. Charges, stops a moment, charges again. That's the best way to charge a deep cycle battery all the way up.
They are not made to give, or recieve high currents (that's why they don't work well as a starter motor battery), they are designed to provide a small current over a long time and can be discharged way down without harm. Normal batteries can't take being discharged low without harm.

10 amps will charge the battery fast(er) - but it's a little rough on a battery if it's very low. Use it when you need it charged up quick.
2 amps is better, keeps the heat down, but takes longer - like overnight.

6 vs. 12 volts --- never did figure that one out.

Optima - as I understand it - they are touchy - they don't like to be discharged low, and they need special attention when charging.
I'll forsake the ability to put a battery on it's side for reliability. That's why I avoid them.

The advertising says otherwise - remember, paper does NOT reject ink.
The salespeople say otherwise - how much is your 20% commission on $45 as opposed to 20% of $120?

Some have a "start" or "boost" switch. That's a high charging rate - 50 - 100 amps to help you jump start. It's not enough to run your starter, but charge the battery a few moments, then use the boost. et your alternator recharge your battery after it starts.

Caution - always leave the charger unplugged when connecting or disconnecting the battery. Harm to the charger - or to you - if it's plugged in when you connect or disconnect.
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