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Battery Charger

Seeing as the CJ hasn't been driven much Lately, It's doing my Optima no good.

I have a Sears Battery Charger with the following Specs:

10amp 6/12 volt
2 amp 12 volt
Fully Automatic*
Battery Charger
•Auto On/Off Charge
•Deep-Cycle Battery Setting

Haven't ever used it before. One My Dad had and gave to me and there's no destructions with it.

It has 3 switches and I'm not sure what to set it on for what I need.

First switch (3 Position):
Manual=10 Amp/6 volt
Auto= 2 amp/12 volt
Auto= 10amp/12 volt

Second Switch (2 settings)

Third Switch (2 settings):
Deep Cycle
All Others

I'm guessing a Trickle Charge should be set to

All Others

If I need it charged over night
All Others

What are the 10amp/6V, Activate and DeepCycle settings. I've heard of Deep Cycle in terms of Batteries, but does my Red Top fall into the catagory?

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