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There are several reasons why there is a perception that chinese vehicles suck in the US. Some are grounded, some are probably not. Whether a chinese built rip off of a Honda 50 is more proned to break or not, I don't know.

The single biggest issue is parts. Since many of the rip off brands are being pushed through Checker, PepBoys, Auto Zone, etc, you really don't get a support network when you buy the bike. When I buy a Honda, I know that I'm getting a proven product. I know that I'm getting a network of dealerships, and that in most places across the country, there's going to be someone who knows how to fix them. I know if a throttle cable snaps on the trail, or if I smash open the primary case on a rock, that there will be parts available. Even where parts aren't available, it's rare that you can't get what you're looking for within a week from one of the major japanese companies.

Now whether the chinese companies are improving this, I don't know. I can say however that I know a couple of people who have snapped throttle cables, and have been unable to get replacements on their PepBoys purchased machines.

Are the chinese brands all bad? I really don't know, having never owned one. I probably never will own one, since I am past the mini-bike stage. I'm sure they're OK. One small word on quality- I don't know the brand, but I believe the Checker is selling a 125 cc dirtbike. I couldn't help but take a closer look at it while I was there, and I did feel it was built a little thin, but that is grounded only on looks. You would really have to beat one up and down a trail for a while before you could really make that call.

As a side note, I did think that kymco is interesting. Perhaps it wouldn't be bad to look at one if ArticCat is in support of them. Might solve the parts and service issue...
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