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Re: Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny


In the old days, Honda TRX90 had "pull rope" as its starter. This turned many new buyers away. This is one of the main reasons I didn't buy a TRX90 for my son 4 years ago. Today, their TRX90 has electric start. All I can say is "it's about time".

Today, many mini brands have Reverse gear. Included or optional add-on. Trail riders want reverse gear. Other mini's are starting to come out with dual A-Arms. Thus, much better steering geometry over the rough bumps. If Honda corporation wants to gain market sales for their TRX90 model, they better start including reverse gear and double A-Arms. Without these 2 key features, Honda will continue to have the reputation of being "old technology". Especially for the trail riders who want these missing features.

Don't get me wrong. I grew up with Honda and find their 4 stroke engines are "near bullet proof". Especially in the water / crud trails. Love their sealed rear brake system as well. But from an engineering perspective, Honda TRX90 still lacks engineering features that many trail riders are asking for....

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