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Re: MOAB Cops

well he's a cop , thats all that needs to be considered. Cops have the lets bust everyone for anything because its a power trip to them. I know several cops, that don't have that attitude, but as you read above, he obviously has the Bad Cop attitude.

as far as starting crap with everyone. YOU started bs with me first, I only retaliated. you need to figure that out yes you indeed started it. there have been several folks who have backed up what I'm saying as you being the instigator.

Face it , you were caught instigating and now your trying every post/topic to slash back at me who only replyed to you crap flung at me first.

It isn't gonna fly , so get over it and as you said in another attempt, that your done with me . Good now run along and don't come back, you not wanted with your instigating 2 1/2 yr attitude

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