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Re: CJ-7 Lift question

I agree with Leve. I was running my CJ7 stock with 31" tires for 4 years before I did a lift. Truth is, it did not help much if any at all...a lift tends to be kind of like makes you think you can do things that you really can't. Learn to drive it with the stock suspension...then by the time you are ready for a lift, you won't need to ask how high....

Personally, I would never to the a body lift. I think they look stupid and do nothing for ground clearance. Additionally....having done the shackle 3" spring lift (and most likely damaging my kidneys), the only lift I would recomend on a CJ is SOA.....unless you have the bucks to spend on decent springs...and those alone will cost you over $1000.

Remember, when you do a not just the springs...or pitman's new shocks...longer brake lines...CV driveshaft....the list goes on..

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