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Rear Drums Sticking REAL Bad

on my 88 Xlt when I replaced my rear I put new brakes on it transfered my Drums them self as they were brand new almost. When I go tthe new shoes I got the cheap ones and when I got all done I went to move the truck and the bastard wont budge an inch I had to lock 4wd just to pull outta the drive way checked the adjusters and they were all the way IN talked to the guy whom I bought the truck from (friend) and he said whenever he changed the shoes on it they stuck for alittle while but he never bought the cheap ones cause of what Im going through now. Well now after 300 miles (trip from NJ to VA) they stoped sticking but now i can hear a clunk sound when I hit the brakes (it almost sounds like the ebrake cable hitting the floor board) also If i set the ebrake Im screwed he wont move with out taching him up to like 3500 rpms Any ideas what it could be
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