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Re: rickman zundapp has screaming high idle

Beekilla, you seem like a well educated man, I like that, you also seem like a good guy, and I could see myself having a beer with you.
Back to the bearings, Shorly you don't disassemble every engine that you work on just to inspect a crank bearing - if you are asked to check them that is. Maybe it's just my mentality, but if I were to rip down every engine to pull out a bearing to check it and then have to reinstall it, thats just wrong to me. And the time to do that, wow.
My mentality is IF you would do that, IF you would be right there, IF you have the engine apart, you would already have the needed parts to get there and re assemble, why wouldn't you put new bearings in, It's only a matter of a few dollars in parts, the labor is the same if you have taken them out, and it would be a good idea since you usually dont know when they were replaced last or know when they will be open to replacement again. If I did end up in the position that I would have to pull a bearing to do such advanced test on it it would get new, why do $50 in tests to prove a $3 bearing is bad.
However, befor we both get to far off track, lets remember the basics. I dont know about you but I would never be able to sell that inspection job to the average person, sure maybe people who race, people who need the best, or those who need the strictest of military specs, but those people are in a catagory of their own.
Also remember that there are other conciderations, sure two bearings are on one plane or shaft, maybe one goes bad, and maybe the other one masks it for a short while, however when you get a stackup of tolerences like that, the first bearing being bad would cause increased wear on the second, causing early failure on what was the good bearing, now both are bad, and this is where most people would catch it. If not caught this engine could still have many hours on it befor one would have a total failure, but engines on a whole are amazing things, and sometimes run when they shouldnt, and dont when they should. I have pulled a running engine apart that, well, it needed everything, and badly.
Rarely you would find that one totally bad and one like new, and your right you probably would need a teardown to check that one bearing being bad, i'm just saying here that the time one would be able to spot that perticular condition is small, especially in a high rpm condition such as a two cylce.
There are also the incidentals such as the metal bits in the oil, unless the person who owned the engine was oblivious or is trying to decieve you, those sighns should be the first indicator of a problem. And getting back to the wheel bearing, sure when you feel a bad wheel bearing it is in complete failure, maybe you see it on your befor ride inspection - but how long has the bearings been making noise? when did the ride quality start to suffer? Were the seals leaking or blown out? what caused you to check those bearings if you didn't do it on rutine? Some one who knows what to look for should have known of a potential problem there way befor that failure point. Most would hear it being bad long befor they feel it.
Sorry to all if I got off track and subject, This probably be in some teck forum. I Think it's time for that beer now.
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