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Re: need advice on starter atv for my 3 year old

I couldn't disagree with the other 2 posts more.

My response for Chris: I say why pay close to 2 grand for an atv that will last the kid about 2 - 3 years before they have outgrown it and are ready for the next size. I concede the Polaris is a little bit better quality (I should know - that is what I ride) but I'll be damned that my 3 year old will know the difference. Also, I can buy nearly three (yes, 3!) Redcat 50cc atv's for the same price. I won't though, because my child will outgrow the 50cc in about 1 -2 years and will be ready for a 90cc. I will buy the 90cc at that point (and will have paid less for the 50cc and the 90cc than 1 Polaris).

It is all about dealer support. My dealer ( has helped me with every question and concern (even before I purchased).

My response to JRfries: PLEASE! You are seriously kidding, right? A bunch of mumbo jumbo...then WHAM! Hey look at my site that I sell atv's on. Sure...What a coincidence. And yes, my Redcat from does have a tether switch, and speed limiter etc. that your Unison features. You are presenting it that you have to buy YOUR machine to get those features...forget it. And for the record, I have no other affiliation with other than purchasing a Redcat 50cc. I am not a dealer. I have no agenda. And by the way, your poor nephew...too bad he doesn't have anywhere near the skills of you little boy "who knows his limits" must be so proud. My 2 1/2 year old DAUGHTER has been riding her Redcat (yes, she is still alive!) for a few months with the speed dialed down to about 1 -2 mph (the unit can be governed and limited).

Also, I bought the GAS atv instead of a friggin' electric Barbie car because I don't have to plug it in, I can adjust the speed to a crawl, and the atv doesn't have plastic wheels (actually the whole Barbie car is plastic) for a few hundred more.

P.S. Is additude related to ATTITUDE?
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