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Re: Early Bronco axles into a TJ...

One thing that does come to mind, IIRC - EB axles are only 51 or 55" WMS - your TJ is right at 60" WMS - are you sure you want to go *narrower* ?!?!?

If you have 2nd gen Bronco axles they will be wider.

There are better options, but since you already have these. They will work.

If you are a (very) good welder or have a bud that is.
This is NOT a job for a shade tree welder!!

First -
Buy stock in grinding wheels as you will have a lot of grinding ahead of you to get all the old bracketry off the Ford axles.

Next -
Get a bracket kit from one of the major players like RE or Teraflex.

Then -
Make a jig so you can get all the brackets lined up correctly - VERY IMPORTANT.

After that -
Install, debug, debug, repeat as necessary.
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