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Re: Questions about CJ5 Dana 44 rear

Ditto to what "lomodyj" says
The pin is held in place with a roll pin that needs to be driven out .... can come out easy or hard ... use the right size punch/drift.

Axles are held in place by six 3/8's bolts under the brakes (same bolts hold on the backing plate). You can try to remove the bolts without removing the brakes by using the access hole in the flanged part of the axle (might have to remove a cover, just knock it out). Axle should then just pull out with a little force. The bearing race will probably stay in the axle housing along with the inter seal.
New wheel bearings/inter & outer seals/gear oil/punkin cover/bearing grease will run you about $110 at napa (I just did it.)
There should be no gear oil in the bearing area (if inter seal is working. And no grease in the brake area if the outer seal is working. Very easy to damage the inter and outer seals when removing or install axles. Be careful.

Mark the ring gear & carrier to be sure to get it back in the same spot. Use lock tite to reinstall. Clean the surface area of both the carrier & ring gear. Put the ring in the oven at 150 degrees for 10 minutes (or use heat gun NO Torch!) and the carrier in the freezer .... goes together real easy.

And yes this is a very good time to install a locker!

Let us know how it goes! Good luck!
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