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Re: Questions about CJ5 Dana 44 rear

This is all good information...but does he really need it?

All that has to be replaced is the spyder gears...Mark the bearing caps. Pull the carrier out. Keep the shims in the right place. When you take the ring gear off the carrier, mark where it was so that it goes back on in the same place. Remove center pin. Replace spyder gears. Reinstall center pin. Reinstall ring gear in same place it was. Stuff back into housing using shims in same place....DONE!.

If you are going with a spool. Proccess is the same, just put the spool in place of the spyder gears.

If you are using a "lunchbox" locker (powertrax, lock-rite...) it's the same install as a spool.

You only need all the info from MBA and JYG if you are going to replace your carrier with a locker (detroit, arb, eaton e-locker...)
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