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Re: Crank sensor position?

Just my opinion.

Depends were the choke point is. If the choke point was the TB then the bigger TB will help a little. If it's the exhaust then a better flowing exhaust will help. You'll might get more a/f into each cylinder and the ECM will make sure it's the correct ratio for the demand.

From what I read the Airclear/TB/intake/valves was designed to be a long tapering intake path with the valves at one end. Kinda like a long smooth velosity stack. Change the Air cleaner/TB or Spacers and you've messed up an optimized system.

It would now be time to change the cam timing but becareful you don't mess up the tuned length. I know when I was running dual 45DCOEs on a Gordini motor a change in cam timing could lessen output until you adjusted the length of the velocity stacks and get more HP. But this is with independent runners for each cylinders so a log type manifold may not make any difference.

Fiddling the MAP will just make it run a little richer thinking it's under load but not realy improve performance because nothing else has changed. A richer mixture will only help if it was to lean to produce any power.

The O2 did little because the ECM thinks it's under a load so the rich mixture is OK.

So cams, valves or stroker or blower is next. Leave the EPROMS alone until you reached a point were the program cannot compinsate for the modifications.
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