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Re: Crank sensor position?

I think you pretty much did what's doable and noticable. Maybe a bigger TB gains a few HP. If you want more you're getting in the stroker range I guess...

[/ QUOTE ]

Some of these HP gains are Horse feathers. In thinking about this... the concept is to bring in more unrestricted air. The bigger air gulp... the denser the air... the bigger bang during igntion in the cylinder.

That's the logic... of course. But then there's the little pesky ECM that gets in the way... it will trim the darn air/fuel ratio back to 14:7 unless you start fooling around with the fuel maps burned in the Eprom. (Whew... that was a long sentence!) So, in reality, you're bustin' your chops against a wall that ain't going to move unless you move all the bricks in one, or another direction.

Oh.. lets say that the larger TB does help. For giggles we'll look at the logic! <ul type="square">[*]The engine will gulp more air[*]The air gets combusted in the cylinder[*]The air now has to be exhausted into the manifold and the exhaust system[*]The engine is designed to exhaust A amount of spent plasma in B amount of time[*]A has increased[*]B has not changed[*]There is now a choke point that's been introduced into the system[*]The choke point decreases available HP over the OEM TB[/list]
That's my thoughts, and I'm stickin' with 'em.
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