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Re: Crank sensor position?

As was mentioned, a window.

Before anyone wastes their time with it -
The adjustable MAP sensor as they call it - the way I did it was to increase the voltage to the ECM a little. Essentially that "tricked" the ECM into thinking it was under more of a load than it really was, so it would richen slightly.
A dash mounted switch enabled me to switch it in or out, increasing the voltage a little.
It did richen it, CO emissions went up. Performance-wise it did nothing that could be felt in the seat of the pants. I'm sure that the fuel consumption went up as well. That in itself would help at todays gas prices, the seat of your pants would feel the lighter wallet.
Don't bother.

As stated above, the O2 sensor tried to compensate for the richer mixture as well. But the O2 sensor only has a little influence over the mixture, so with enough "fake" MAP voltage, it was able to override the O2 input. Still no increase in performance.
The conclusion is that performance was not being limited by too lean a mixture, else richening would have shown good results.

But I'd seen some crank sensors with slotted mountings, made me wonder. But as LEVE said, it can only be moved in the hole slightly without milling the hole bigger. That would entail removing the bellhousing - I never even thought that far ahead, thanks.

As far as breathing goes, tossing the stock air filter box and replacing it with a snout type filter did make an increase that could be felt. I went with the Rock-ette snout with a K&N. Noise increased too.

The little throttle body spacer under the TB. It's supposed to "swirl" the air. I doubted it would do anything for PORTED injection, but I tried it anyway.
Don't bother, did nothing. They work on carbs and TBI where fuel is in the air at that point, but not where fuel is injected right by the cylinder.

I've already put on a better exhaust system - a "cat back." That made a big difference too. He He -- Not sure if it was the better flowing or the elimination of that 2000lb stock muffler!

I've just been looking for another simple, easy, external "bolt-on" HP increase. Maybe it's pretty much "maximized" as it is.

Any more suggestions?
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