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Re: Questions about CJ5 Dana 44 rear

1. To remove the centering pin in the carrier it appears the ring gear must be unbolted and either removed or slid across the carrier to allow enough clearence to remove the pin is this right?

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depending on your gears, yes you just might have to pull the ring gear.
you are going to want to pull the carrier adn do this on the bench. You'll have to hammer (dead blow) the ring gear off. then press it back on.

2. How do you remove the axle shafts, cnat's seem to get them to come out, it's not a c-clip axle so I know that ain't the almost seems like they're pressed in, is this the right idea or did I miss something on this one?

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there are four or five (depending on your d44) retaining bolts that hold teh backing plate to the axle flange. pull those and pull the axle. if needed you can install your brake drum on teh axle backwards and use it as a slide hammer by only running the lug nuts down about a 1/4".


How difficult would the installation of either a spool or a locker be at this point since the carrirer has to come out anyways, I would think it would be the best time to do it, what about you?

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I'd say it would be most beneficial to go ahead and do it now. you'll need to reset- up the gears from scratch. are you ready for that?
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