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Re: Crank sensor position?

The sensor can be moved a bit. It's an original option for high altitudes . As the article shows it can also be used the other way round to solve pinging problems at the later type FI. On the Renix system (on '87-'88 cherokees) the HA CPS can gain a few HP and torque with the pingsensor setup to prevent damage...

Another thing I haven't figured out yet, is a bit richer mixture. The adjustable MAP only works effectively in open loop. As soon as in closed loop the O2 chimes in it will correct the mixture. So for the closed loop the O2 signal might be adjusted a bit, as the O2 sensor on the Cherokee acts as a variable resitor in the 0V - 5V range. 2,5V is stoichometric. I'm not sure how to manipulate that signal exactly. But I'm sure it's doable without frying sensors or ECM and it's the only trick to really get a richer mixture during closed loop...

The cam sensor only tells the ECM wether the first cilinder is taking in or firing, if I'm correct...
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