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Re: Crank sensor position?

Has anyone tried slotting and repositioning the crank sensor a little to gain a bit more power?

[/ QUOTE ]

The thought is not a bad one, until you think about the results. If you mill the bell housing to accept the slot for the adjustable CPS, you're going to really hit a wall.

The CPS sends the ECM a signal telling it where the crankshaft is at all times in relation to the rest of the engine mechanics. But, the problem is that there's a window that the ECM expects the signal.

If the signal is late/early outside of the window of the ECM you'll get a MIL code.

If the signal is within the acceptable window, then the ECM will adjust accordingly...

So, as you can see, you really can't do a whole lot unless you also move the window parameters by reprogramming the ECM PROM.

That's not a real easy task.
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