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OT Computer Help

Hi there

I'm trying to get a couple videos to play in a powerpoint presentation.

I have the files as .mov

For some reason ppt won't play them.

I would like to convert them to something that ppt will play.

I was able to convert one file to .wmv using trial software from (this was actually done for me by someone who has been too busy to help me out now).

However, I have been unable to convert the other files. I get an error message about not having the coorect codecs for quicktime 6.5. I currently have quicktime 7.0something...

Can anybody help me with this problem....

I'm in a bit of a time crunch as I need the files by wed night (I know of alternative ways to make it work, but would really like to have it done with the video in the ppt).

So...any help/suggestions?

Anyone want to volunteer to have me email them the files and then convert them for me and email the converted files back to me?

Thanks for any help...
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