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Re: One ton axles/wheels

it will be wide.
figure out how wide you want your rig. measure the new axlesx, then figure out what wheels you need to run to get the tires where you want them
most fullwidth rigs are 81-85" wide.
most trailers are only 83" wide between the fneders, so factor that in.
a 80" wide rig at the tire is a nice goal to shoot for.
i prefer a smaller trac width. my rig is 70" or 73" at the front axle depending on which tires i run.
i also run my rear 2" narrower than the front for much better rear tracking on the trails.
this stupid thing is stable at 94" wide, but its FAT. way toi wide for alot of trails, but will lean very hard before rolling

my trailers 102" and that fat thing barely fits

pleaase pay no attention to the fact that our rigs are not tied down. well we had one strao on the forn tof the yj and one on the back of the yj and just stuck the sami in gear. it was a very short trip
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