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Re: OT:Hurricane Question

My first RANT ALERT.

I think that most of the people in the dome were from the very bottom of the ladder, in training, social standing, real world experience, education and a lot of other ways. Anyone with enough sense to pour p!$$ out of a boot either got out of town before it hit, or had the resources to take care of themselves.

When you're dealing with people who for several generations have lived off the dole, you have to keep in mind that they have never had to THINK about what they do. Their most complex activities are signing up for the check and going to the store.

Because they've never had to work for what they get, they have little respect for their property, and much less for other's. They probably didn't crap next to THEIR cot - they went over to their neighbor's cot.

Years ago a friend had a summer job cleaning project apartments in East St. Louis after the tenants had moved out. He said that it was quite common to find soiled diapers in the freezer. The tenant was too lazy to dispose of them, but they would stink if left laying around. In the freezer the stink was sealed in. Think about after the power has been off for several weeks. Summer job.

In the paper this morning I read that the Red Cross wants to recruit and train 40,000 volunteers to help out in their shelters, which are housing 160,000 refugees. My first thought was "With 160,000 refugees there must be 40,000 people who could help run the shelter they're living in." Second thought was "Sadly, probably not."

Rant over. I'm better now. You may return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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