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Re: In reverse and first gear jeep shakes violentl

Your problem is clutch chatter. If the clutch really engages smoothly it won't chatter, even if a spring or motor mount is broken. If everything else is top notch, it might be enough to prevent the chatter, but until you fix the clutch problem, regardless of cause, the chatter will be waiting for an opportunity to return.

CNR, DDawg or Grapehead have probably supplied the final answer.

My clutch was fine for 70K miles, including plowing a lot of snow, but gave up when it got soaked by a valve cover leak. I replaced it with an aftermarket unit. The the flywheel wasn't scored or checked, just shiny, so I didn't resurface it. Within a few hundred miles the clutch began to chatter occasionally. So far I just live with it and operate it very carefully in the low gears.
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