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Re: TFI and HEI what\'s the difference?

I won't type the same thing five or six times TR/JYG/Aaron, there is just no reason to do it. A couple simple links and it's up to the reader to click on it and actually read it.

As for searching... I do that pretty well since it saves me daily with computer issues and the crazy world of Microsoft. That's just my life I won't wish it on anyone.

As for DUI HEI.... My opinion: Way over priced but very functional. Use quality wires with it and set it up correctly it will work fine. The advance curve won't likely fit well for an old Jeep (or Toyota FJ motor either). Find a stock HEI distributor that all you need to do is change the drive gear - good Jeep upgrade.

In general (again my opinion): There's no need for a "True Capacitive Discharge Ignition" on a limited budget running 20 + year old Jeep motor. Even that cost too much for me.

The large Ford cap, rotor, 8mm plug wires are marvelous on a 258 if you do nothing else. The motor will start better and run smoother. Now that is assuming that you don't have any other problems to muck it up.

Add in a TFI coil.... Even with the resistor wire in place.... and again it will be just a little easier to start and slightly smoother running. RRich likely won't agree with that but it has been my experience with my two 258s. And that is where I stopped on my CJ-7 (so far).

"Grumpy" my poor old neglected Scrambler had bypass surgery and the "Stealth HEI" implant well after the Ford cap/rotor/plug wire change. I don't think that there is a lot of difference but it now runs a full +12V to the TFI coil. We don't call the darn thing "Grumpy" without cause, it still needs some serious Carter BBD procedures to be as healthy as it should be (I digress).

So why do a TFI/HEI Hybrid?

The Dura Spark ignition modules are getting harder to find and cost about $30 where the HEI module it's self is only $16 or $17, add a few connectors and some of your time it's an easy replacement that can be found in any backwater parts store on the shelf.

I carry spares.... but....

If you walk into an Auto Parts store in Attica Indiana on a Saturday morning asking for a Dura Spark Module... The reply will be "I can have that for you on Monday afternoon". Then again if you ask for a HEI replacement module... You walk out with one and wheel some more after lunch.

Should something bad happen to your MSD, while maybe not very likely it could happen, can you pick up a replacement in Podunk KY? Yes I know you can keep your original ignition as a backup.

Remember we are talking about Cheeps here.... Cheap people with Jeeps. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

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