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problems....PLEASE HELP

Hello all from Reno, Nevada

I have a 1990 jeep wrangler 2.5l inline 4 with TBI.

Anyhow, recently Ive had some problems. When driving, the jeep does fine. When I come to a stop and idle, it sounds like it wants to die and the RPMs drop drastically. At home however, starting it up, it idles just fine. My first thought was the fuel filter, so I replaced that, and no change. Next I looked inside the TBI unit, and could not find anything wrong, except when turned off, it would smoke real light. So I took the injector out and soaked it in throttle body cleaner for a few hours, and no change. I do now have a really faint fart noise coming from the fuel injector I believe, or somewhere inside the TBI unit. Could this mean I have a faulty injector, or should I try something else? Someone suggested try fuel pump first, but with it being inside the tank, it seems like a hard project.

The only other thing, is the muffler has started to sound bad, so Im thinking maybe the cat converter and muffler need replaced, but Im not sure if that would help my problem or not.

Any help is appreciated, because as of right now, Im STUMPED. Thank you in advance,
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