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Re: TFI and HEI what\'s the difference?

Yup, what they said...

The Best advantages of the 'TeamRush' upgrade of the stock Motorcraft/DuraSpark ignition Jeep used is it's all off the shelf tune up parts.
For the price of a cap, rotor, plug wires and ignition coil, you can have an ignition system that when you start it on cold or wet mornings, it starts and stays running.
You can now go down the road at highway speeds and NOT get used as a speed bump.
The Jeep can not only pull it's self, but a small trailer!
You can pull out in traffic with out wondering if you are going to be road kill before the ignition decides to cooperate with the rest of the engine...

The stock ignition system from '78 to '90 used a Motorcraft distributor and a DuraSpark module, both from Ford.
The screwed up using the short rotor, small distributor cap with socket or female connectors, and crappy low energy plug wires.
Do the upgrade,
You switch over to the tall rotor (keeps your spark energy from going to ground inside the distributor housing)
The distributor cap adaptor (gets the distributor cap up and away from ground),
The Large distributor cap (keeps the spark energy from going to the wrong plug terminal)
And that large distributor cap has better terminals (male or spark plug type terminals)
Now you can use late model High Energy spark plug wires with the good terminal connectors.

If you want a little more kick, use the later model E-core ignition coil from the TFI ignition.
They interchange with the system, but you will finally have to cut a wire... You will have to change coil connectors on the harness (two wires clearly marked).

This solves all the problems the factory screwed up on in getting the spark energy to the spark plugs, and is mandatory no matter what module you intend on running...
From '78 to '90 it's all off the shelf Ford stuff, and it fits right on your Jeep with no modifications.

All of this is mandatory before any high powered module is used, or you will just throw spark lots of places it wasn't intended to go...
You can't hang a high power module on the crappy small cap, short rotor, and outdated plug wires and expect it to work correctly...
And there are companies that will be GLAD to charge you an arm and a leg for over the counter parts... We are just saving you that money, so you can spend it on something you really need...( Like root beer and Cheetos)

If we knew what engine you were looking into upgrading, Year of vehicle, number of cylinders, we could give you exact part numbers...
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