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Re: TFI and HEI what\'s the difference?

so in other words both crappy...

[/ QUOTE ]

IMHO that's a bit harsh. Both systems have limitations, like any product does. If you use the system within it's bounds you'll be happy with it. As example, I've had a GM HEI on my 258 of over 9 years without a failure. I can't say that about the OEM ignition system.

You could easily buy Jacobs or MSD systems for a whole lot more money. Each of these ignitions have it's limitations and advantages which are unique.

But then look at the dollar invested and the payback. The GM HEI or the TFI ignition (or the hybridization using FOMOCO/GM/MOPAR parts) gives you more reliability, and the option of using off-the shelf parts as well as easier diagnostics when repair is needed.

These parts can be gained so inexpensively that it's almost a free upgrade. Then you can use your money for more important stuff, like root-beer floats!
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