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Re: Do you have a \'Jeep\', or a Dedicated Vehicle?

I'm not angry or upset...
I'm just tired of people telling ME what I should do with MY Jeep... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cussing.gif[/img]
(if they were to tell me what I 'Could' or 'Might' do, it would be a different story...)

I don't care what other people do with their vehicles, that's entirely a matter of personal taste (or lack of taste if you lower a Jeep and put low profile tires on it!)
If anyone wants a rock crawler, more power to them!
If you want to make it a boat, statue, or coffee table, more power to you!

I just wish they wouldn't throw out unsolicited comments on what *I SHOULD or SHOULDN'T* be doing with *MY* Jeep...

My Jeep isn't my entire life, but it is an extension of what I want to do on some particular days OF my life.

It needs to get me around on the back roads after it rains for three weeks like it does here in the midwest...
It needs to get me around after 15 inches of snow hit the ground here...
It needs to get me back and forth to work reliably when I choose to drive it...
It needs to set in the driveway for weeks and not eat my wallet when I don't use it...
It needs to get me in and out of the woods during hunting & fishing season...

My CJ-7 did OK, even though the body was rotting off. The death of that vehicle was when the frame gave up.... LONG WAYS! It is totally gone.
So now it's a parts donor...

I'm a fat guy, and I HATE walking when I'm supposed to have a perfectly drivable vehicle carrying my large, white ass around! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

Please, lets hear from more people!.... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
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