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Re: Do you have a \'Jeep\', or a Dedicated Vehicle?

As for a GPS, it is as important as any tool. Alot of the places we wheel I don't know. I throw the gps on the dash mark the entry point and let it run. that gives me a nice map to go by if God forbid someone gets hurt, or more common I just flat get lost. Sometimes It is nice to just go for a wheeling trip drive wherever without concern for direction then return safely before the gate closes. I for one bought a gps after a trip to Land between the lakes where I had a compas and a map, know how to use them both but found the trails marked on the map in no way reflected reality. We ment to be out for 4 hours. 9 hours later we returned to the gate. With the gps I don't have that problem anymore.

Places like redbird and Attica, don't need it much anymore but you will find it on my dash running.

Guess I should apolijise for being responsable as I am usualy in the lead.

Most of the rest of your rant I actualy agree with. I for one am glad that folks max their jeeps out with a bunch of money, Makes me feel better when I am dragging them out.

As for never leaving someone behind if you are in my group, or with me you are golden, But if you are out in the middle of the woods unprepared,, I will usualy help ya out, but you may get a few suggestions...

The guy that Jim lou pulled out of the creek at attica comes to mind couple thousand dollars in lift tires and bumpers, not a tow point anywhere and wanted my ratchet and torix bits to take his bumper that was under water off so it didn't get scratched...

Course he brought beer and Steak to the campsite.
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