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Re: Ordered my Pole Barn - Lets see your garages

Let's see, probably 15 to 20 bays, probably 5 1 post hoists, 3 or 4 2 post hoists, 2 alignment racks/ drive ons, air, torches with free gas, big mig w/ free wire and gas, parts washer, blast cabinet, oil storage tanks, my hodge podge collection of tools that's organized and a million other tools in random spots. Well it's my college's auto shop, picking up an autos associets degree is staring to become a better and better idea. I just replaced a bunch of front end parts on my pickup having it up on a hoist with my tools right infront of the truck, air and good light was really nice, probably would have taken me alot longer in my garage on jack stands. Also getting credit for working on my junk is really nice.

My personal shop is a 24x24x9 w/ 2 8' doors. It's a nice size, nothing really special. What i would like to do with the place is
-Put a 1' wide shelf 7' off the ground around 3 of the walls
-Put in 3 rows for 4 flouscent lights, build a 4'x8' closet in 1 corrner for my air compressor, welder, floor jack, cherry picker, engine stand. Put a shelf in the cabinet for jackstands, blocks of wood, and bulky shop tools that don't fit in my tool box. The closet will keep the place a lot less cluttered looking and stuff i don't use all the time out of the way.
-Install an insulated ceiling so the place will actually stay warm
-Build a waste oil heater, I can't imagine how much Karo is going to be this winter
-Move my 8'x2' work bench down so it's about 3' off the ground, cover it with a metal top so it can be cleaned up
-Replace my cheep my menards vice with a good one that isn't bent
-Put all my tools in a nice wide tool box out of site and organized
-Install 2 trouble light reels, 2 air reels, 1 oxy/act reel, 3 3 outlet reels. I hate tripping over extension cords and air reels all the time
-Get a nice cabinet for chemicals and paint
-Get a 96 bin rack for hardware and mount it on 1 wall with a shelf next to it for those nice organized kits of things like o-rings, cotter pins, ect.
-Put a nice big ventalation fan kiddy corrner from my heater

Will I ever get all these things in my shop, probably nice but if i had some cash for improvements that's what i'd do.
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