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Re: I thought chevy were the good guys :(

Chevy were never the 'Good Guys', ...
They were the Cheap Guys... And the Plentiful Guys....

Look at the parts store for about a '76 HEI distributor cap for a pickup with I-6 to go on your distributor. If it has a coil wire terminal in the middle, that's your baby.
That will give you a remotely located ignition coil, and you can use what ever type of ignition coil you choose.
Remotely locating the ignition coil fixes a lot of other problems the HEI distributor had.

Factory internal parts for the I-6 HEI distributors are getting harder to find daily...
But there are a lot of V-8 parts that will interchange...
The lower half of the magnetic trigger will interchange, just keep the six pointed trigger ring at the top of the mag trigger, and DON'T OVER TIGHTEN!
You'll crack the magnet ring and the trigger ring. Use a little locktite on the screws and just snug them up.

The module from any of the early I-4, I-6, or V-8's will interchange, as long as it's a 4 connector module.
Don't forget to clean off and reattach the ground that attaches to one of the bolt holes.
Don't forget to use a heat transfer paste, or at least dielectric grease under the module to transfer heat, or you get to walk to the parts store for another module...
Radio Shack sells small tubes of "Heat Sink Compound" P/N 276-1372A, that runs circles around just using dielectric grease. The stuff is silicone base, so it doesn't dry up or get displaced by moisture...

Internal wiring harness will interchange, but you may have to splice in longer leads if you remote the coil.
Dorman still makes the I-4 & I-6 wiring with correct plugs, but the part numbers escape me now...
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