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I thought chevy were the good guys :(

Got the exhaust all sealed up this afternoon, everything going well.. climb in the jeep to back it up.. it ran for like 30 seconds then died.. tried to restart it.. over and over.. popped the hood..

Everything looks good... start with the basics.


SPARK-... Uh.. thats a negative.

check the live side of the coil - Check.

HEI coil.. great.. rush to the parts store at 6:00 on a holiday.. get in with seconds to spare.. the guy locked the door behind me.. they had a coil.. rushed it home installed it.. $59.. OUCH

Cranked it.


Thankfully HEI is really simple... if theres 12V to the coil.. theres something wrong in the coil, the module, or the cap.

Well the cap looks all good, and the coil is good. so its gotta be the module.

if its not one thing its another [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

Oh well, im trying to get my hands on a whole nothing distributor so I have some spare parts.. should cost less too.. see if I can clean up the coil so its returnable.

Am I right in assuming its the module? As long as the coil is good.. which it should be.. the only thing left is the module.. and all HEI stuff should be fairly interchangable right?

Thats just my rant.. this stuff happens to everyone else right?
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