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Re: Chevy Exhaust setups.

No I haven't. I sized them up, but I never bought them because I figured the inside of the manifold was slightly dished.. so a beveled gasket would work better then a flat one.

BUT.. I now remember that my setup originally had a butterfly inside a chunk of cast pipe that bolted to that flange.

Which might make it very hard to seal without that portion on there because I doubt anyone designs something like that.

On another note. I dropped the downpipe this afternoon in a parking lot :P and found that the gasket had unraveled itself.. all of the mushy metalic stuff had been burned off, and all that was left was a strip of wiremesh..

I'm going to try the gasket that Mav mentioned..

By chance, does anyone know what kind of nut (thread size/type) the stock manifolds use? I've been using a metric nut that seemed to fit, but then when cranking it up today I stripped 3 of them in a row.. it seems that they dont fit well enough.

Anyone know what the thread type is?
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