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Chevy Exhaust setups.

I've been having traumas with my exhaust and getting it to run leak free.. I ended up designing the pipes so they came off the manifolds of my 305, and then droped under the frame, and then backwards under the rockers into flowmasters.

It took me 2 days to figure out why they wouldn't originally seal up, and it was because I had one manifold that took a flat gasket, and another one that took a doughnut shaped one.

Driving to school 2 days ago, the doughnut shaped one blew out.. or in or something, and is now not sealing the horn on the manifold.

Am I doing this right.. using the correct gaskets?

I'm sure I've got the right size.. does anyone know the ins and outs of these things? I thnk I've tried almost every type of gasket and doughnut the parts store sells.. and at about $12-$15 a shot, they're expensive to replace.

Here's a picture.. i guess its like a cut away or something..

I think what keeps happening is that the exhaust heats up, and the gasket goes soft.. and then either shifts or collapses into the exhaust tube..

Can I just stick a standard thin gasket in there instead of a doughnut?

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