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Re: Sorta OT: Cross-Country Trip HELP!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the suggestions - good ones all.

Turned out to be the filter - once I flushed it, we were fine for the rest of the trip (more on that in a devoted thread thereto).

Once we got to the first town (Gillette, WY) w/ a auto parts store (Checkers), we picked up another fuel pump, and 3-4 filters... one of which is one of them see-thru types w/ replaceable filter elements which will be installed just before the OE-style filter.

Rest of the trip (~3500mi in all) went w/o further mechanical issue.... our good Lord surely blessed us on this adventure!

I'll be pursuing all suggestions above... checking old hoses, etc... and try to eliminate all that crud that is plugging up the filter. (Based on appearance when back flushing - caught it all in clean paper towels - it could very well be little bits of rubber hose that has hardened (carbonized?) and broken loose.

Thanks again guys!
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