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Re: Hurricane

yea, i've often wondered that myself, why dont other countries raise money for us????

my mom tried raising money for a Cancer thing she was workign with, so she mentioned it to our family that lives in Belgium still....and they were appalled that we dare ask for money...its a totally different mindset.....people dont really raise money for charity and good causes. I like the American way better.

for this hurricane we need to get a bunch of empty Barges that we use to haul stuff up and down the mississip and start hauling people instead.... not sure where i can go about suggesting that though, not sure how far that dome is from the river either....

asked my boss and he said i'd have to use vacation time to go lend a hand down there, and i dont have enough left, would leave and have to turn around to get back in time for work.

They're gonna need Medical trained people, Radio Operators, and all sorts of other stuff....

this blows my mind looking at all these pictures, I cant even begin to imagine
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